Fine van Brooklin?

The story behind my blog and my jewellery is this.

There is a novel written by Mika Waltari, my favourite author of all time, called Fine van Brooklyn. Fine van Brooklyn is also the name of  one of the main characters in the book. Fine (Josefine) is a young girl who becomes the love interest of the story narrator. The book was released in 1943 by WSOY publishing house and I personally cherish a first edition paperback copy of it.


Since discovering it in 1999, the name Fine van Brooklyn has always struck me as something a little mystical and very beautiful. When thinking about a name for my blog many years ago, this beautifully preserved yellow book caught my eye in my bookshelf and I realized how closely I related to its title. Having lived in France at a time when I was young and foolish and during a trip to Bretagne, visited the village of Carnac where the story takes place, was one thing. Fine van Brooklyn also fittingly refers to my home country of Finland and to New York City from where my first grand inspiration for jewellery making and starting a blog comes. It seems to me that Fine and I were a fabulous match :). For years Fine van Brooklyn was also the name of this blog, but to make it the official name for my jewellery I have changed it just a little. My jewellery is now called Fine van Brooklin, with an i, and with this change I’ve added a modern twist to the name, making it my own. But the grand inspiration of the original remains always. Thank you for the books, Mika.


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