It took me a while to make up my mind on what to do with these vintage chandelier chrystals that I purchased from a funny little bric-a-brac shop (the owner prefers to call it an installation and to be honest that describes it even better) in Stockholm’s Old Town last year.

Jubilee necklace
Jubilee pendant/green ribbon

The chrystals are obviously sensitive to rough wear so as much as I would have loved to see one as a bracelet, it was best to let that idea go. So, they turned into pendants and once again I got to use my beloved silk ribbons in positively regal colours, emerald green and fierce cobalt blue…

Jubilee necklace /blue ribbon
Jubilee pendant/blue ribbon

The stunning pearl drops add to the uniqueness of these pendants as naturally no two pearls are alike. I think I’ll make one more of these pieces once I receive new pearls and team that one up with a ruby red ribbon. We’ll see… :).

Jubilee necklace/blue ribbon
Jubilee pendant/blue ribbon

Cheers for the weekend, dearest readers!